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An ISO 13485-2015 Organisation, A Solution provider for Healthcare Projects.

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NuMed Systems Private limited an ISO 13485-2015 organisation, A Leading Radio Frequency Shielding manufacturer, Vendor for Medical equipment Installations for Major OEMs and a Solution provider for Equipment planning and turnkey solutions, practices vendor-neutral business principles follow NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with its clients ensures utmost confidentiality of client data and technology.

NuMed Systems Established in 2015 as proprietorship later re-launched as private limited in 2018. Over these year NuMed could establish as a most reliable vendor and a solution provider to many major OEMs and clients.


Our Products

Since MRIs are extremely powerful machines. it’s crucial to keep in mind that they’re also extremely responsive. A minor external intervention may have a significant effect on the MRI’s ability to generate high-quality, diagnostically correct images in certain circumstances.

Medical Equipment Installation Solutions

Specialized Installation services of MRI Scanner, CT Scanner, Cath lab and PET CT Site Feasibility Survey for Imaging equipment Installations Equipment Rigging and shifting

Healthcare Infrastructure Solutions

Planning a hospital infrastructure is very cumbersome due to its special design requirement such as High ceiling height for equipment, transportation of Heavy equipment to the building, Clean Air solutions for OTs, Adequate strength requirement for ceiling mount equipment, Special bunkers for Radiotherapy and nuclear medicine equipment etc.

MRI- Shielding Solutions

Radio Frequency Shielding NuShield® is used to block Radio frequency waves for noise and artefact free Imaging in MRI Scanner, Good and long-lasting RF Cage is most essential part of a MRI Scanner, Our RF Cages made of Copper and Galvanised Iron assures more thank 100db attenuation and installed according to OEM specifications.

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